Cornerspring Receives $2,500 Grant from UMCC

September 28th, 2016

Cornerspring Montessori School is pleased to announce it has received a $2,500 grant from the United Mid-Coast Charities (UMCC). These funds will go directly to the school’s Tuition Assistance Fund which provides assistance for low income families to participate in Cornerspring’s many enriching programs. Cornerspring offers quality programs for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten and elementary age children, as well as programs for before care, after school care and summer camp.
“Cornerspring is committed to ensuring that our program is accessible to families in our community. We’re pleased to receive this grant and we thank UMCC for their support of our school.”
Each year Cornerspring raises money for the Tuition Assistance Fund through local fundraising events and through grants from foundations and organizations such as UMCC. With these funds they can provide assistance for many families in the community. Last year Cornerspring was able to help 13 students with assistance.
Cornerspring would like to thank the board of Directors of the UMCC for their generous and continued support of the tuition assistance program. Cornerspring was among the 58 charities supported by UMCC this year. United Mid-Coast Charities is dedicated to the support of charities which provide social services and care to those most deserving, including medical, physical, social, and psychiatric or community educational services. UMCC strives to locate charities which offer the most possible benefit to residents in and around the Mid-Coast area.
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